Financière Saint James is an
investment firm that helps turn
incredible ideas into success stories

True to the French tradition of creativity, La Financière Saint James believes in the transformative power of innovation and technology. That’s why we embark on investment journeys with incredible entrepreneurs whose disruptive ideas promise to change the world for the better. We know from experience that helping founders navigate the twists and turns of business is the key to unlocking their success.

Because we see every investment as an adventure, our team possesses an eminently entrepreneurial spirit, characterised by an inexhaustible drive for action, unrelenting commitment and a keenly-developed ability to connect the dots between our various investments.

Our pioneering, can-do attitude is precisely why we prefer investing in the real economy than in markets.
We’re a human-scale firm capable of delivering operational excellence, with the technical, financial, legal and administrative know-how to deliver to the highest standards.

Our adventures are not only inspired by brilliant ideas, we are also passionate about incredible assets. Fuelled by a passion for exquisite architecture, stand out structures and iconic buildings, Financière Saint James sees investing in real estate as another sort of adventure.